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Investments & Finance

Lever China Announces Six New Alternative Protein Investments 

Lever China has unveiled six new alt protein investments it has completed in recent months, expanding the Shanghai-based firm’s portfolio to a total of 12 startups in the alt protein sphere. Investing in early-stage startups across plant-based meat and dairy, precision and biomass fermentation, as well as cultivated meat, Lever China is emulating the approach of the Chinese government, which is pursuing alt protein as a critical strategy.  Lever China has previously completed investments in rapidly growing plant-based meat companies like Herotein and Haofood, as well as expanding cultivated meat companies like Avant Meats and CellX. The six latest companies that have received early backing from Lever China include: Blue Canopy The Hong Kong-based fermentation protein technology company uses biomass fermentation and precision fermentation technologies …


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Politics & Law

China Prioritises Alt Protein in Bioeconomy Plan 

China’s main economic regulator has unveiled a five-year plan to boost the country’s bioeconomy with alt protein at its center. The new strategy highlights alt protein’s role as a critical growth sector to achieve food security and decarbonization goals. The 14th Five-Year Plan released by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) included a call to develop biology technology to explore alt protein R&D to reduce the pressure on environmental resources brought by the conventional farming industry. According to the NDRC, the development of alt protein would help China improve the safety and sustainability of its food system. “The government has repeatedly emphasized the importance of the alternative protein sector and supported its advancement by providing support for businesses and investors and promoting further development …


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Cultivated, Cell-Cultured & Biotechnology

Study Finds 90% of Chinese Consumers Ready to Eat Cultivated Meat 

A new study in China has revealed 90% of consumers would eat cultivated meat in the country. The encouraging figures come at an important time for the emerging Chinese cultivated meat sector, with the Chinese government’s increasing emphasis on food safety and environmental sustainability. The market report from alt protein investor Lever China and Chinese media outlet FoodPlus surveyed over 2,000 consumers across China. 90% said they would eat cultivated meat – that is meat produced by cellular agriculture – while 30% said they would make it their primary source of protein if it can achieve the same taste and texture as conventional meat. China currently consumes approximately 30% of the world’s meat, making it the largest market globally. The numbers back up significant investment …


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Company News

Lever China Alternative Protein Fund Announces Investments in Five Pioneering Plant-Based and Cultivated Meat Startups

The Lever China Alternative Protein Fund, including early investors in Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, announces today it has completed its first five investments in pioneering early-stage plant-based and cell-cultivated meat companies in China.