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LiDestri Foods and Fermentum Establish “First” Commercial Scale Precision Fermentation Plant in the US

LiDestri Foods and Drinks, the largest private label and food contract manufacturer in the US, and Fermentum, a leading fermentation capacity expert, have announced a joint venture to solve the bottleneck for precision fermentation capacity and support the growth of industrial biotechnology in the country. As part of the collaboration, LiDestri Foods will provide Fermentum $8.5 million in financing for leasing and construction. Fermentum will run a facility at Eastman Business Park in Rochester, NY, with 510 thousand liters of precision fermentation capacity and robust commercial scale downstream processing already installed.  The site, which is operational and available immediately, has the necessary equipment, including tank capacities ranging from 400 L, 20 thousand, and 70 thousand liters, to scale ingredients from the lab to pilot and commercial scale fermentation. According …