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Attracting Flexitarian Consumers with Comfort and Familiarity

Flexitarians – those who consume both meat and plant-based foods – are now the fastest-growing consumer demographic, making up nearly 30% of Europeans.1 This consumer segment holds the key to unlocking the plant-based industry. By shifting focus from the niche vegan market – which represents less than 4% of European consumers – to flexitarians, plant-based meat brands can open up a market over ten times larger!2 But how do you appeal to meat-eating, flexitarian consumers? In its recent case study, ProVeg International profiled the plant-based meat brand LikeMeat to demonstrate some of its strategies to create a ‘meaty’ experience and attract flexitarian consumers. The case study makes five key recommendations for plant-based brands looking to attract more meat-eating consumers: Optimise taste and texture Balance taste …




Company News

The LIVEKINDLY Co Appoints Tyson Foods’ Malik Sadiq as Co-CEO, Launches LikeMeat WOW Chicken Chunks

LIVEKINDLY Collective, a collective of brands including Fry’s, Oumph!, The Dutch Weed Co, and LikeMeat, announces that the latter brand is launching NPD ‘WOW Chicken Chunks’. The news closely follows the appointment of Malik Sadiq, a former Tyson Foods exec with 15 years of experience at the poultry giant, as joint CEO of the collective. Sadiq joined LIVEKINDLY as COO in June of 2021, due to his “affinity with sustainability”, according to a representative from the company. He was appointed to the role of Co-CEO in November along with David Knopf, formerly of Kraft Heinz, who also carries out the role of CFO at the collective. “You would have heard recently that the plant-based meats category is no longer growing. We can confirm otherwise,” comments …



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Tourism & Travel

LikeMeat Partners With Germany’s Rail Company Deutsche Bahn for Veganuary

A year after its Veganuary campaign with Rammstein, plant-based meat brand LikeMeat announces that for this Veganuary it has a new partner at its side in the form of national rail company Deutsche Bahn. Vegan meals are already offered in the on-board restaurants and on-board bistros of German long-distance transport. This year, Deutsche Bahn will participate in Veganuary for the first time and expand its range of purely plant-based dishes for the month of January. “In January, we combine climate-friendly travel and sustainable nutrition. With our participation in the Veganuary, we are inviting our customers to simply try out the vegan version of our classics in the on-board catering,” says Stefanie Berk, Head of Marketing at DB Fernverkehr. Passengers will have the opportunity to try …


Like Bacon
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LikeMeat launches Like Bacon in Germany

LikeMeat presents its new product Like Bacon, a gluten-free and soy-based bacon variant, marking the German food brand’s first breakfast product. “The bacon segment is growing by +274% vs. previous year and according to recent studies, breakfast has gained in importance among Germans. Every 2nd German rates it as the most important meal of the day,” says Eva Kampendonk, Category Manager of LIVEKINDLY Germany. “Therefore, we use the potential to successfully exploit the segment together with the retailer.” Dr. Achim Knoch, Head of R&D at LIVEKINDLY Europe, adds: “We want to give conscious consumers the opportunity to have a meat-free alternative for breakfast, for example. That’s why we have orientated ourselves on the original bacon in terms of taste and texture. The new product Like …


LikeMeat Plant-Based Chicken LikeWings

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Food & Beverage

DJ Khaled’s “Another Wing” Restaurant Now Serving LikeMeat’s Vegan Chicken Wings

Another Wing, a global restaurant chain owned by blockbuster hip-hop artist and record exec DJ Khaled, is adding vegan LikeWings to its menu. Another Wing operates as a ghost kitchen and delivery service in 150 cities across the US, UK, Canada, France, and UAE. LikeMeat, a LIVEKINDLY Collective brand, says the collaboration is the vegan brand’s first partnership based on ghost kitchens, which can be accessed through all major delivery apps. Another Wing’s new plant-based wings can be ordered in quantities from 6-20 wings and come in signature flavors such as Mogul Bourbon BBQ, You Loyal! Lemon Pepper and They Don’t Want You To Win Truffalo. (All of which reference Khaled’s hit songs and public persona.)  To celebrate the LikeWings debut, on April 20 Another …


Like Meat BBQ Chicken Sandwich

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Products & Launches

LikeMeat Will Feature Innovative Plant-Based Chicken at Expo West 2022

LikeMeat, a LIVEKINDLY Collective brand, announces the company will showcase its authentic plant-based chicken products at this year’s Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. Throughout the event, LikeMeat will be sampling a full lineup of its popular products including Like BBQ Chik’n, Like Chik’n Pieces and LikeWings. The brand will be servings its vegan chicken in a variety of snacks and dishes such as Like Nuggets, Like Chik’n tacos with salsa and guacamole, Like Wings tossed in buffalo sauce and Like BBQ Chik’n Sandwiches topped with coleslaw. On Thursday, March 10, LikeMeat’s booth will also host a special LikeWings and Beer happy hour from 3:30 pm to 6 pm. According to the brand, its products are created to offer the same tastes and textures …


LikeMeat Chick'n/ Chicken Wings


Products & Launches

LikeMeat’s Like Chick’n Wings Launch in Over 3,600 US Walmart Stores

Germany’s LikeMeat announces its plant-based Like Chick’n Wings are now available at US Walmart locations nationwide. Acquired by the LIVEKINDLY Collective, the brand debuts its wings at the world’s largest retailer just ahead of the Superbowl – the primetime football event where Americans traditionally consume massive quantities of party food and chicken wings.  LikeMeat’s vegan Chick’n Wings feature a crispy coating and boneless, meaty texture that offer the same satisfaction as conventional wings, the company says. Sold in one-pound Family Packs in Walmart’s freezer aisle, the gluten-free and non-GMO wings also include a pouch of vegan buffalo sauce for tossing and dipping.  The future of chicken wings Seeking to offer an alternative viewpoint on Superbowl chicken wings consumption, Compassion in World Farming reported last week …


Rammstein with LikeMeat burger

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LikeMeat Creates Veganuary TV Ad With Rammstein Star

German plant-based meat producer LikeMeat has created another commercial in cooperation with Till Lindemann from the band Rammstein, with which the company wants to support Veganuary. As with Veganuary 2021, which also featured Lindemann in an innovative food performance film for LikeMeat, the company wants to inspire all consumers to eat a plant-based diet in the first month of the New Year. With a very special art movie starring Till Lindemann, plant-based meat producer LikeMeat is now once again supporting Veganuary 2022 and wants to inspire people to try an all-plant-based diet in the month of January. In the art film, Till Lindemann can be seen eating a plant-based burger from LikeMeat.

LikeMeat Chicken Wings


Products & Launches

LikeMeat Launches Chick’n Wings in Sprouts Locations Across the US

Plant-based brand LikeMeat, a LIVEKINDLY Collective brand, is launching Like Chick’n Wings in the US. Consumers can find the product in the freezer aisle at Sprouts locations across the US starting November 22nd.  The new alt chicken offering provides a tender and juicy vegan alternative according to the brand, which crackles when it cooks and arrives just in time for football season. Featuring 11 grams of plant protein per serving, the vegan wings are non-GMO and are packaged with Buffalo sauce for easy preparation. LIVEKINDLY Collective acquired the LikeMeat brand in September 2020, with LikeMeat products hitting shelves in US stores soon after. LIVEKINDLY Collective has acquired several plant-based brands into its portfolio and recently added The Dutch Weed Burger and two flagship brands in …


LikeMeat founder Timo Recker

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LikeMeat: “We Are Constantly Looking for New Protein Sources”

Nowadays, more and more start-ups are entering the market with new and innovative products. Unfortunately, very few of them manage to become well-established companies. However, LikeMeat has achieved this goal. The Düsseldorf-based company owes its success to its philosophy of providing an enjoyable, modern and balanced diet with contemporary products. We interviewed Managing Director Timo Recker about the company’s creative product range and the vegan market.