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LSG Group & The Vegetarian Butcher Partner to Bring Plant-Based Meat to Onboard Dining

The LSG Group and The Vegetarian Butcher have announced a new partnership to introduce plant-based and vegan meals in airline catering. Through the collaboration, the LSG Group will offer its customers the ability to cater to vegetarians, flexitarian, and meat-loving passengers using The Vegetarian Butcher’s broad range of plant-based products that “allow people to continue to enjoy their favorite meat dishes without giving up the taste or texture.” Growing trend of plant-based diets The LSG Group is a leading provider of end-to-end onboard products and services. Its brand, LSG Sky Chefs, a classic catering and hospitality expert serving airline and train customers, delivers an impressive 308 million meals annually in 131 locations worldwide. The Vegetarian Butcher is currently joining LSG Sky Chefs at the ongoing …