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Eighth Day Foods Raises $1 Million for Lupin-Based Protein

Australian alt-protein company Eighth Day Foods has raised $1 million in seed funding for its lupin-based protein LUPREME®. The raise was completed in just two days. LUPREME is made from unprocessed sweet lupins, which are a rich source of protein, fibre, and other nutrients. Highly versatile, the protein can be used to make a variety of meat alternatives and is significantly cheaper to produce than meat.  Lupins are also extremely sustainable, helping to regenerate the soil as they grow. Currently, 95% of lupins grown are not used for human food, but some of these could be redirected to meet demand. Recognition and awards Eighth Day’s lupin-based protein has already received the seal of approval from Scott Findlay, a plant-based chef who has worked for numerous …


Image: Scott Findlay on LinkedIn

Food & Beverage

Paul McCartney and Beyonce’s Private Chef Discovers “Breakthrough” Plant Protein

Plant-based chef Scott Findlay, who trained under Gordon Ramsay and has worked as a private chef for Paul McCartney, Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna, and Elton John, has sung the praises of LUPREME®, a lupin-based protein developed by Eighth Day Foods. “I’ve yet to come across anything that is as versatile, delicious, and easy to work with” Findlay enthuses: “I’ve been specializing in plant-based recipes since 2004, when I first started cooking for Paul McCartney,” he said. “I’ve travelled all over the world using different plant-based products and I’ve yet to come across anything that is as versatile, delicious, and easy to work with as LUPREME. It’s amazing and I can’t wait to be working more with it.” Eighth Day Foods uses fermentation to lupin beans into …