Meat made from upcycled okara © Luya Foods AG

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Coop Switzerland Launches Luya’s “New Category Defining” Upcycled Meat Alternatives

Coop Switzerland is now offering upcycled meat alternative chunks made with okara, a byproduct of tofu and soy milk waste, produced by Swiss startup Luya Foods. Last November, Luya closed a seed round led by Redalpine Venture Partners, stating at the time its mission to redefine the plant-based protein space by creating a new category of animal-free, alt meat products created through the fermentation of upcycled okara. The startup is using the funding to expand production, develop new products, and expand retail footprint.   Repurposing okara Worldwide, over 14 million tonnes of okara are wasted annually, despite its high nutritional value. Through its collaboration with Luya, Coop Switzerland hopes to reduce food waste and improve sustainability. The chain already offers over 1,200 plant-based products, including …



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The 8 Most Exciting Brands Saving Food Waste by Upcycling Ingredients

Here at vegconomist we applaud and support innovation in plant-based but especially those who are working on upcycling ingredients and helping to solve the horrific global issue of food waste whereby around a third of the food produced around the world is discarded. The issue is beyond imperative but it is not beyond solution, so we here celebrate some of the brands innovating for our planet, upcycling ingredients from spent grain, to cashew fruit, to cauliflower and carrots. Spent barley from the beer industry – Take Two Portland-based Take Two transforms barley grains leftover from beer brewing into nutritious, fiber-rich barley milk. A subsidiary of EverGrain, owned by beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev, Take Two reuses over 500,000 pounds of discarded grain each year. Co-Founder & …