Nude. and Mae Terra launch oat milk range for children with carbon footprint labels

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Brazil: Nude. and Mãe Terra Introduce Oat-based Drinks for Kids with Carbon Footprint Labels

Brazilian oat specialist Nude. and Mãe Terra Produtos Naturais e Orgânicos have partnered to create a line of sustainable oat-based children’s drinks that display the product’s carbon footprint on the packaging. The new Nude. Zooreta oat milk range comes in three flavors: cocoa, red fruit, and vitamin (banana, apple, and papaya). The initiative marks the first time for Mãe Terra, though carbon footprint labels are already part of Nude.’s climate-transparent message. Both companies are B Corp Certified. The new vegan drink range will be part of Mãe Terra’s Zooreta portfolio, which includes snacks, granola, and cookies for children. Suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerants, the drinks are gluten-free, without added sugar or additives to offer a clean-label alternative. Lower environmental impact  Nude. was founded in 2020 by Giovanna Meneghel and Alexander Appel in …