Pineapple-based leather alternative

Credit: Sustainability (2023). DOI: 10.3390/su152115400

Leather Alternatives

Researchers Develop Plastic-Free Pineapple-Based Leather Alternative With Higher Strength Than PU

Scientists at Thailand’s Mahidol University have developed a new pineapple-based leather alternative that is claimed to have excellent strength and sustainability properties. The bio-based material is made by mechanically extracting pineapple leaf fibers from waste pineapple leaves. These fibers are divided into two groups; some are treated with sodium hydroxide, while others are left untreated. The fibers then are formed into non-woven sheets and coated with compounded natural rubber latex, before being heat-treated and compressed. The material can be dyed with natural colorings such as carrot, spent Thai red tea, and spent coffee grounds. Following the development of the pineapple leather, a study published in the journal Sustainability has analyzed its tensile properties, tear strength, and hardness. The results indicate that the material’s tensile strength …