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Maia Farms Secures $2.3M to Advance Climate Positive Food with Highly Nutritious Mycoprotein

Vancouver-based Maia Farms, a B2B producer of the mycoprotein and winner of the Deep Space Food Challenge Grand Prize with its ingredient CanPro, announces it has secured $2.3 million in a pre-seed funding round.  CanPro, a textured protein ingredient made with mycelium, is said to “dramatically” improve the taste and texture of food products while providing nutritional and sustainability benefits. It is rich in proteins, contains fiber, calcium, and 5.5 times more iron than beef, and requires only a tenth of the land needed to produce an equivalent amount of beef. With the newly raised capital, the Canadian innovator will accelerate its R&D activities, scale up operations, and grow its market reach.  A climate-positive food system The Californian VC Joyful Ventures, PIC Investing Group from Saskatchewan, and …