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Cultivated Meat

Newform Foods Launches the Plenty Foundation to Fight Food Insecurity With Cultivated Protein

South Africa’s Newform Foods (previously Mzansi Meat) has launched the Plenty Foundation, a nonprofit aiming to address food insecurity and malnutrition in Africa through biotechnology. While plant-based proteins will be an important part of this strategy, the Foundation will also work with Newform Foods to enhance the taste and nutrition of plant-based foods with cultivated proteins. As part of its overall strategy to reduce undernourishment rates, the Plenty Foundation will combine philanthropy, commercial R&D, and market partnerships. Currently, the organization is pursuing its first funding round, while also aiming to form partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders. “The Plenty Foundation is more than just another not-for-profit; it’s a movement aimed at revolutionizing how we think about food and nutrition in Africa,” said founder Arturo …


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Studies & Numbers

Survey Unveils Surprising Similarity in Taste Preferences for Vegan Burgers Among French and British Consumers

MANE, the French leader in the Fragrance and Flavour industry, contacts vegconomist to discuss the results of an exclusive survey regarding consumer preferences in flavours for vegan beef burgers. The survey conducted for MANE by an independent research agency delves into the key taste features that drive consumer preferences regarding plant-based burgers. During the blind-testing, six beef burger alternatives available on the market along with three MANE prototypes were sampled by 248 consumers from the UK and France to obtain feedback regarding colour, texture, and aromatic profile. Surprising similarities The findings revealed that consumers in France and the UK have remarkably close preferences regarding texture and aromatic profile, despite the highly distinct consumption habits between the two cultures. For instance, grilled and smoky flavours are …