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From Beef to Beans: When Big Meat Enters Plant-Based in the Americas, Part One

The entrance of Big Meat into the plant-based category was nothing short of inevitable when the food industry began to realize both the huge potential of alternative foods as well as the future limitations on the planet’s capacity to “grow” animals for human consumption. Back in 2019, the New York Times highlighted the fact that Big Meat (with this particular article focusing on Tyson, Smithfield, Perdue, and Hormel) was beginning to gain a foothold in the plant-based category. And last year, Yahoo Finance declared: “The meat industry is going through major upheavals. For example, a dramatic rise in the number of consumers preferring vegetarian food has forced companies to develop plant-based meat products.” Whether the animal meat industry indeed had its hand “forced” by the …


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ADM Partners With World’s Largest Beef Patty Producer Marfig to Launch ‘PlantPlus Foods’ Brand to Service Burger King

Marfrig, one of the world’s leading beef producers and the world’s largest beef patty producer, together with Big Food giant Archer Daniels Midland Co (ADM) has announced a venture to launch a brand called PlantPlus Foods with products to be released in Brazil including food service clients such as Burger King.