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M&S Offers Vegan Mother’s Day Meal That Serves 4 for £20

UK department store Marks & Spencer (M&S) is offering a dine-in vegan Mother’s Day meal at an affordable cost of £20 for a family of four. Available from March 23-27, the meal will feature a roast, three sides, and a dessert. The roast is made from pea protein with a sage, mushroom, and parsley stuffing. While there are only two vegan sides on the menu — roast potatoes and braised red cabbage with Bramley apple — plant-based eaters can double up on one of these options to get three servings. The dessert is a raspberry flavour jelly terrine containing fresh berries. Plant-based at M&S In recent years, M&S Food has been a frontrunner in offering vegan and plant-based options. The chain’s Plant Kitchen range, launched …


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