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Sweden’s Oldest Burger Chain MAX Burgers Launches “Supreme Green” Meat-Free Menu

Swedish chain MAX Burgers has launched its new Supreme Green meatless menu, as the company works towards the goal of making half the burgers it sells red-meat-free. MAX Burgers’ original Green menu was introduced in 2016, and the chain has now debuted more meat-free options to “make going green the natural choice”. These include the vegan Real Green Burger, which is made from mung beans, and the lacto-ovo vegetarian Crispy Supreme burger, made from Swedish yellow peas. Fully plant-based items on the Supreme Green menu also include the Plant Beef Burger and the Crispy Green Nuggets. Some options are not suitable for vegans as they contain dairy cheese. Founded in 1968, MAX Burgers is Sweden’s oldest restaurant chain and now has 191 locations; most are …


Claes Peterson - Vice President and Innovation & Development Director


Max Burgers: “The New Normal Will be Great Tasting Plant-Based Food”

Claes Peterson - Vice President and Innovation & Development Director (© MAX Burgers)
Claes Peterson – Vice President and Innovation & Development Director (© MAX Burgers)

MAX Burgers is a successful burger chain in Sweden which is aiming towards a target of generating no more than half of its turnover through animal meat by 2022. At present they are on track to succeed this goal with 40% of sales at present coming through non-meat products. Last week the company revealed a new innovation, a proprietary plant-based beef product called Delifresh Plant Beef.


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Great Britain: Vegan Milkshake from Burger Chain Byron

Vegans and meat-lovers alike can now buy vegan milkshakes at the burger chain Byron. The British company is not alone in making this decision – the Swedish burger chain Max Burgers is also increasingly focusing on vegan products, and is only selling vegan milkshakes. Both burger chains are demonstrating that they have recognized increasing consumer awareness of the many benefits of vegan nutrition. In addition, many companies nowadays are at liberty to produce in an environmentally-friendly and meat-free manner.