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Meati Foods Announces Huge ‘Mega Ranch’ Capable of Producing Millions of Pounds of Mycelium

Meati, the Colorado producer famous for its whole cuts made from mycelium, announces the opening of its biggest production facility yet, known as the Mega Ranch. The fully integrated operation is expected to cultivate Meati products at an annual rate of tens of millions of pounds by late 2023. At this rate, Meati says its production will match or exceed that of the largest individual animal-based ranches in the US.  According to Meati, its massive $150M Series C raise in 2022 helped to finance the Mega Ranch, which is designed to scale the company to an omnichannel, national footprint by the end of 2023. Along with a recent contribution by Rockefeller Capital, Meati says it is well-positioned to become a market leader with $1 billion …