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How Menchie’s, One of America’s Largest Frozen Yogurt Chains, Is Embracing Dairy-Free Consumers

For years, dairy-free options at frozen yogurt shops were difficult to find, save for the occasional fruit-based sorbet. But times have changed, and many US chains – including 16 Handles, TCBY and Yogurtland – now offer soft-serve yogurt made with ingredients like oat milk.  It’s all the more remarkable that Menchie’s, North America’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt chain, now offers the most extensive selection of dairy-free items, with about a dozen rotating yogurts and sorbets to choose from.  With 350 locations in the US, Canada, Mexico and beyond, Menchie’s prides itself on offering a welcoming atmosphere and has made impressive efforts to cater to guests seeking fully plant-based yogurt. Since 2016, it has launched an ever-increasing range of indulgent yogurt flavors including Vegan Cinnamon Horchata, …