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Mercedes-Benz to Introduce Primarily Plant-Based Menu in Canteens

Mercedes-Benz contacts vegconomist to report that its German canteens are working to become aligned with the Planetary Health Diet, and will serve predominantly plant-based food by the end of 2025. From April 23-26, some Mercedes-Benz canteens partnered with the Stuttgart vegan restaurant vhy! (co-founded by former footballer Timo Hildebrand) for a campaign to showcase the taste and diversity of plant-based foods. Four of the restaurant’s dishes were prepared at the canteens — Maultaschen (large dumplings) with a mushroom filling and potato salad, spinach dumplings with herb and spice crumbs, open falafel wraps with carrot hummus, and Zurich-style sliced ​​plant-based meat. Hildebrand himself made an appearance at a canteen in the district of Untertürkheim. Mercedes-Benz has offered fully plant-based main dishes daily since 2021. Following the …


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Sustainability Emerging as Driving Trend in Automotives as Most Vegan-Friendly Cars Revealed 

As sustainability becomes a growing trend in the automotive industry, carmakers are increasingly opting for vegan alternatives in car interiors and greener solutions to transport. As consumers’ desire for sustainable materials drives demand, the most vegan-friendly cars on the market have now been revealed.  Analysing data from PETA and car manufacturers globally, UK car dealer Dick Lovett has named Ford in first place, which currently boasts 28 car models with vegan-friendly details, with further eco-friendly options available. Many of the models feature all-vegan interiors, including vegan steering wheels, as standard.  Vegan cars?  Although car pollution contributes significantly to climate change – up to 29% of greenhouse gas emissions in the US, for example – moves towards sustainable and cruelty-free options are signs of change in …


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Mercedes-Benz Opts for AMSilk Vegan Materials in New Concept Car 

AMSilk GmbH, the biotech-based vegan silk material innovator, has announced a new partnership with German car giant Mercedes-Benz. The collaboration will see the development of novel, sustainable car door pulls, as part of the car manufacturer’s latest technology program. “Amid a fresh wave of ambitious climate pledges, we are proud to be playing a leading role in providing solutions for a zero-waste future” Called the VISION EQXX, the new concept car features organic and sustainable interior materials throughout, including the new door pulls made from AMSilk’s Biosteel fiber. The high-strength, certified-vegan, silk-like fabric is made using AMSilk’s proprietary biotechnology, with the company claiming to be the world’s first industrial supplier of vegan silk biopolymers which are 100% biodegradable, renewable, and zero waste.  The all-electric VISION …


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Mercedes Responds to Lewis Hamilton’s Pleas to Stop Leather, Other Luxury Automotive Brands Follow

As we reported in December, Mercedes Benz had been in discussions with Lewis Hamilton. He had been negotiating with the luxury car manufacturer to stop the use of animal leather for its interiors. Partly in response, it has been reported that the company is incorporating environmentally-friendly materials throughout its vehicles.