Young people talking/ Survey on Gen Z supporting veganism

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Poll: Majority of Gen Z is in Favor of a Vegan Diet, With 7-in-10 Planning to Stay Vegan Over Next Five Years

Health website Medical Inspiration Daily For Stronger Society (MIDSS) recently polled 3,000 Gen Z individuals to gain new perspectives on the future of the food and health industry. According to the poll, the Gen Z population (individuals born between 1997-2012) is currently the main driver of the US vegan market, with 70% who identify as vegan saying they will continue to pursue the diet in the next five years.  To conduct its poll, MIDSS says it surveyed 3,000 vegans and non-vegans belonging to the Gen Z age demographic in February 2023.  Among its top findings, the survey found about 50% of vegans chose the lifestyle because of its health benefits, with 17% motivated by animal cruelty concerns, and another 17% choosing the diet for environmental …