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MIGHTY and Weetabix Celebrate M.LKOLOGY Launch With Breakfast Bundle Collaboration

MIGHTY and Weetabix have joined forces to launch limited-edition breakfast bundles. The collaboration comes as the British plant milk brand debuts its highly realistic M.LKOLOGY range. Weetabix is the most popular breakfast cereal in the UK, and the collaboration aims to show that M.LKOLOGY tastes as good as cows’ milk on cereal. Consumers can choose from three bundles — Weetabix Protein, Weetabix Organic, and Oatibix. Each comes with two cartons of MIGHTY’s new M.LKOLOGY milks, in Whole and Semi varieties. As part of the collaboration, MIGHTY and Weetabix have also created some unusual recipes using their products, including vegan chicken schnitzel and an overnight cheesecake. International expansion MIGHTY launched in 2018 and quickly became the UK’s leading pea milk brand. The company then expanded with …


MIGHTY founders, Tom and Nick Watkins

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Mighty Plant-Based Milk Raises £8M for International Expansion

Mighty plant-based milk has raised £8 million in new capital as the fast-growing UK alt dairy brand looks to invest in international expansion. Mighty will also launch its new cutting-edge fermentation technology as it looks to lead the next generation of plant-based milks.  Pea-based pioneers Originally known for its pea-based milks, Mighty has expanded its product range which now features oat-based products, vegan protein powders, and shakes. Mighty has the goal of simplifying and democratising the plant-based milk segment, with the brand’s research showing over 70 different types of plant milk on the market, from soy- to potato-based. This complexity of choice, Mighty believes, can prove a barrier to entry for first-time buyers.  The Yorkshire-based brand now has its sights set on expanding into EU …