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GenV and Animal Rebellion Plan Huge PR Stunt With March to Parliament & Downing Street

As part of its campaign offering UK prime minister Rishi Sunak £1 million to go vegan for a month, charity GenV is set to conduct a major media stunt in central London next week. When politicians return to Parliament on January 9, they will be greeted by five large tractors driving in loops past 10 Downing Street and through Westminster. Above the tractors, there will be inflatables shaped like a burning planet Earth, a cow, a £1M symbol, Rishi Sunak, and the GenV logo. March to Downing Street with vegan food There will also be a banner on Parliament Bridge with the message “GO VEGAN RISHI SUNAK”. The banner will be visible from all south-facing windows in Parliament. Next, over 50 volunteers from GenV and …


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Million Dollar Vegan Rebrands to ‘Generation Vegan’, Plans to Expose Animal Ag Industry

International vegan charity Million Dollar Vegan has announced it will be changing its name to Generation Vegan, or GenV, with the new name intended to better reflect the organisation’s direction. The newly branded GenV sets out with the mantra, “Unite, Disrupt, Transform”. The non-profit was initially launched by Veganuary co-founder Matthew Glover as a campaign offering to donate $1 million to charity if a notable figure — such as the Pope or Donald Trump — tried a vegan diet. When the pandemic hit, the charity shifted its focus, instead committing to donating a million vegan meals to communities in need. After giving away thousands of kilos of food, the charity reached its goal last month. In the wake of the pandemic, GenV decided to continue …


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Charity & Campaigns

Million Dollar Vegan Achieves Target of Donating One Million Meals, Will Announce Updated Mission

Non-profit organisation Million Dollar Vegan, which was founded by Matthew Glover and counts high profile figures such as Dr Neal Barnard, Paul McCartney, and Alicia Silverstone as supporters, has achieved its target of sharing one million plant-based meals with global communities since the start of the pandemic. New chapter MDV states that this achievement of this goal marks the end of a chapter for the charity and that it is to shortly announce significant changes to its mission and campaigns. Previous campaigns include, most notably: Go vegan Donald Trump, back in 2019; Go vegan Pope Francis, also in 2019; and Take Pandemics Off the Menu, from 2020. As part of the project to give away a million meals, MDV partnered with volunteers, small vegan businesses, …


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Million Dollar Vegan is Giving Away Free Vegan Food in Madrid Tomorrow, 12th February

International organisation Million Dollar Vegan, originally founded by Matthew Glover of Veganuary, Veg Capital, and VFC, will be handing out 400 vegan Pad Thai at Romero Verde’s El Obradoiro restaurant in central Madrid this Friday 12 February. The food will be donated from 12 noon to 5 pm by Foods for Tomorrow, the parent company of Barcelona-based Heura Foods.


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Million Dollar Vegan: “The Future of Nutrition is Plant-Based. No Question About It”

Million Dollar Vegan is a hugely successful vegan campaign whose supporters include Dr. Michael Greger, Alicia Silverstone, Evanna Lynch, and Peter Singer. Last year the nonprofit famously offered a million dollars to The Pope and Donald Trump which would have been donated to charity in exchange for the figures to try vegan for a month.


Victoria Park Food Bank

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Million Dollar Vegan & Viva! Provide 2,000 Meatfree Meals With Support of MPs and Massive Attack

A new project coordinated by international NGO Million Dollar Vegan and vegan charity Viva! is supported by prominent figures including vegan Labour MP Kerry McCarthy and Robert del Naja (known as 3D) of Massive Attack, to provide meals for 2,000 people in need and bring attention to the risks associated with animal products.


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Harry Potter Star Evanna Lynch Joins Million Dollar Vegan’s “Take Pandemics off the Menu” Campaign

Million Dollar Vegan, the nonprofit organisation that famously challenged President Trump last year to try vegan in return for $1M for war veterans, has now launched “Take Pandemics off the Menu”, with support from Evanna Lynch, vegan star of the hugely successful Harry Potter films.


Million Dollar Vegan Trump Campaign

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Million Dollar Vegan’s Offer to Trump: Go Vegan for January & Veterans Will Receive $1M

Million Dollar Vegan, a nonprofit organization, has publicly asked President Trump to help “Make America Healthy Again” by going vegan for one month via a New York Times Ad. Following the campaign in February to make the Pope go vegan for lent, this campaign asks Trump to go vegan for Veganuary with the aim of inspiring people across America and beyond to rethink their food choices and improve their health.


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Politicians Give Rallying Support to Million Dollar Vegan Campaign

With the latest scientific evidence showing the devastating effects of industrial livestock on our planet and the environment, 40 MEPs have declared their support for the Million Dollar Vegan Campaign. The campaign calls for the public to eat vegan food during the 40-day Lent to combat climate change, species extinction, pollution and the suffering of livestock. The declaration was signed by MEPs from 17 EU Member States and seven of the eight political groups in the European Parliament, coordinated by German MEP Stefan Eck.