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Studies & Numbers

43% of German Consumers Have Reduced Their Meat Consumption in the Past Year

A new Mintel consumer study, Global Outlook on Sustainability, has provided some encouraging insights into the habits and attitudes of German consumers regarding meat consumption. Just 22% of Germans said they ate meat at almost every meal, compared to 47% of French consumers and 51% of Brits. 43% said they had reduced their meat consumption in the past year, compared to an international average of 28%. Furthermore, 37% of Germans believed that eating less meat was the most effective personal measure they could take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the highest proportion worldwide to hold this viewpoint (the international average was 21%). However, the number of consumers avoiding meat altogether remains low, with 2% identifying as vegan, 4% as vegetarian, and 18% as flexitarian. This …


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Market & Trends

Germany: Alt Meat Retail Value Rises by 38% as Half of Consumers Aim to Eat Less Meat

A report by Mintel has predicted long-term growth for the alt meat market in Germany, as consumers increasingly aim to eat less meat. The retail value of meat alternatives is said to have risen by 38% following the pandemic, helped by an increase in cooking from scratch. A further 66% growth is expected in the long term. This rise is being driven by increased awareness of environmental and health issues, with 54% of Germans saying they want to eat less meat because it is better for the planet. Three-quarters of those who buy alt meats say they would like to see more ready meals containing the products. However, 50% of consumers who do not buy meat alternatives believe they are overpriced, which could be restricting …


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Algae, Microalgae & Seaweed

Almost a Quarter of US Skincare Launches Now Feature Microalgae

Data from Mintel‘s Global New Product Database has revealed that 22.2% of skincare launches in the US last year contained either chlorella or spirulina — up from 13.2% in 2018. The microalgae ingredients are increasingly popular with consumers due to their perceived naturalness, sustainability, and health benefits. They are also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. One of the trending products described by Mintel is Sensityl™, a microalgae-based cosmetics ingredient developed by Givaudan. After a month of use, Sensityl is claimed to not just benefit skin but also improve mood. According to Mintel, this is in line with the growing trend towards more holistic beauty, providing emotional well-being along with functionality. Research regarding the health benefits of microalgae is still limited, but studies have indicated that the ingredients …


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Market & Trends

Mintel: Cost of Living Crisis Motivates British People to Consume Less Meat

When it comes to reducing meat consumption, sustainability takes a back seat in the face of the cost-of-living crisis. According to a new study by Mintel, the perceived financial benefits of consuming less meat jumped in 2022. When asked about the benefits of eating less meat, a new Mintel study conducted among UK consumers shows that the percentage of consumers who believe eating less meat is “a good way to save money” increased from 27% in 2021 to 43% in 2022. The view that reducing meat consumption is “better for the environment” decreased from 47% in 2021 to 41% in 2022, due to a reportedly lower perception of the environmental benefits of abstaining from meat in 2022. Overall, one in ten Britons (10%) is not …


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Market & Trends

The Future of Plant-Based Food and Drink

by Dasha Shor, Global Food Analyst at Mintel

In 2022, the plant-based category is at a crossroads. The term “plant-based” has evolved to something that is meant to replace animal meat and dairy (e.g. looks like a hamburger but is made with plants). Some argue that the term has been co-opted to give a health halo to highly processed foods that may not boast a nutritional advantage outside of being made with non-animal ingredients. Now products that have always been made without animal ingredients are pushing back by claiming “plant-based.” What got brands here, won’t get them there Animal proteins are still dietary staples. Consumers are cutting back on meat, but few avoid it completely and some would like to get back into animal proteins in the future. Additionally, there’s a significant portion …




Top Stories

Vegans and Reducitarians “A Threat to Burger and Chicken Restaurants”

A report by Mintel, titled BURGER AND CHICKEN RESTAURANTS – UK – SEPTEMBER 2018” states that British chicken and burger restaurants are viewing vegan meat alternatives as a threat, and are increasingly having to accept vegan alternatives to harness growth possibilities. The publication reports that “millennial tendencies in the UK have translated adoption of meat-free diets, thus adversely affecting chicken based products in the country. ”


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Market & Trends

Market Report: Vegan Cosmetic Products Grow By 175% Since 2013

According to recent statistics from market research firm Mintel, the number of new vegan beauty product launches between July 2013 and June 2018 rose by 175 percent. For this reason, the market analyst is advising manufacturers in this area to focus on developing new vegan products in order to benefit from the current consumer trend. “The vegan market is booming, in line with growing consumer concerns about the ethical and environmental impact of animal products,” said Andrew McDougall, Mintel’s Global Beauty and Personal Care Analyst. “This trend still offers room for growth in the food industry, but also in other areas, particularly beauty and fashion.” Mintel also sees parallels between a plant-based or vegan diet and consumer behavior in cosmetics. Younger generations in particular are …


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Market & Trends

Thailand: Trend Towards Plant-Based Nutrition

The results of a recent study by the market research agency Mintel show that the current dietary trend in Thailand is strongly focused on plant-based and personalized products. The reason for this is the increasing health awareness of many consumers, along with an increase in veganism. Last May, 1500 Internet users aged 16 and older living in metropolitan regions of Thailand were surveyed. Four out of five of the consumers surveyed had set themselves the goal of eating healthier. This shows that there is a growing interest in plant-based diets. For example, 53% want to reduce their meat consumption and 45% are aiming for a vegetarian or vegan diet. The consumers surveyed also tended towards plant-based alternatives when it came to protein; 55% said that …