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Mission Barns to Release Hybrid Chorizo Sausages With Cultivated Fat

Following its recent partnership with Chinese plant-based producer HEROTEIN, cell cultivated fat producer Mission Barns has announced a similar partnership in the US. Berkeley-based Mission Barns will team up with fellow Californian brand Silva Sausage to create a plant protein sausage using cultivated fat. “This ground-breaking partnership and production run is an important milestone toward cultivated meat technology becoming a reality” The landmark deal marks the first-ever scaled-up manufacturing of a product containing cell-cultured meat, according to the brand. The Cultivated Chorizo Sausages are a hybrid of plant-based protein and Mission Barns’ proprietary cultivated fat; Mission Fat.  Due to issues of costs, scalability, technology, and regulations, plant-based protein with cultivated fat hybrid meat products are far more likely to hit the market than full-cut cell-cultured …


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Investments & Finance

Silicon Valley’s Mission Barns, Producer of World’s First Cultivated Bacon, Secures $24M to Upscale

Mission Barns, Founded in Berkeley, CA in 2018, announces it has raised $24 million in a Series A round to upscale its cell-cultured fat technology and build a pilot factory in the Bay Area. High profile investors in this round included Lever VC; Gullspang Re:Food (Oatly); Humboldt Fund (NotCo & Geltor); David Yeung’s Green Monday Ventures (Beyond Meat & Perfect Day); Enfini Ventures (Impossible Foods & Memphis Meats); and an undisclosed European meat company. The company is focused on cultivating animal fat without the animal; in July of 2020 Mission Barns contacted vegconomist to inform us that it had developed the world’s first cultivated bacon. The team works to create products incorporating Mission Fat both independently and through collaborations with leading meat companies and plant …