M&S offers oat milk in same bottles as cows' milk

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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

M&S Offers Oat Milk in Same Bottles as Cows’ Milk as Consumers Demand Larger Quantities

British retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) is now selling oat milk in the same bottles as cows’ milk, in what is believed to be a market first. Like their dairy counterparts, the milk alternatives are available in Whole and Semi varieties. They are fortified with calcium and iodine, and have been launched in response to consumer demand for larger quantities of plant milks. M&S has also introduced another new product — a cold brew vegan latte made with British oats and Columbian coffee. Vegan at M&S M&S has been expanding its vegan selection for years; its own-brand Plant Kitchen range was launched in 2020 and features hundreds of products such as sandwiches, desserts, ready meals, snacks, and drinks. M&S has also vowed to make all …


Artisan vegan cheese

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Cheese Alternatives

Artisan Vegan Cheeses by Honestly Tasty Launch at 166 M&S Stores UK-Wide

Honestly Tasty, an artisan vegan cheese brand based in London, UK, has announced that it is launching at Marks & Spencer stores nationwide. The brand’s three bestselling products — Blue, Shamembert, and Brie — will be available at 166 M&S locations in the mainland UK, Belfast, and Dublin. It follows a highly successful launch at online supermarket Ocado. Honestly Tasty has also been adapting its production process to bring down prices, making the cheeses accessible to more consumers. More product launches and revised recipes — including lower-emission and allergen-free products — are planned in the coming months. Novel technique Honestly Tasty’s award-winning cheeses are made using a novel technique that combines starch and hydrocolloid technology with traditional cheese-making techniques. Some of the products are aged …


Vegan friendly christmas food  

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Products & Launches

M&S Launches Plant Kitchen Christmas Range With Vegan Turkey Roast and Desserts

British multinational retailer Marks and Spencer announces its Plant Kitchen Christmas alternatives for the 2022 festive season featuring traditional favourite dishes such as vegan turkey and all of the sides.   On offer for Christmas 2022 is last year’s realistic vegan turkey roast once again, as well as vegan gravy, butternut squash almond and pecan nut roast, Plant Kitchen‘s vegan stuffing and meat-free pigs in duvets.   Also repeating this year is the brand’s vegetable selection box that contains side dishes like triple-cooked roast potatoes, braised red cabbage, cheesy cauliflower and leek bake, vegan stuffing balls, and meat-free sausages covered in vegan bacon.   New additions for Christmas ’22 Plant Kitchen is popular with UK consumers for its vegan-friendly alternatives, which M&S expanded with over …


LoveRaw's Cre&m Wafers

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Sweets & Snacks

LoveRaw’s Cre&m Wafers Launch at All BP M&S Simply Food Locations

All three of LoveRaw’s Cre&m Wafer flavours are now available at M&S Simply Food locations in BP fuel stations UK-wide. Consisting of wafers coated in chocolate and filled with plant-based cream, the bars come in the flavours M:lk Choc, White Choc, and Salted Caramel. According to co-founder Manav Thapar, LoveRaw has several more launches planned in the upcoming weeks. “World’s first” When LoveRaw’s M:lk chocolate wafer bar first launched in November 2020, the company claimed it was the first of its kind in the world. The bar was quickly followed by the white chocolate version in March 2021. LoveRaw is growing quickly, and has expanded outside the UK into several other markets such as France, Spain, Switzerland, Kuwait, and Malta. In February, the brand launched …


vegan mother's day meal

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Food Service

M&S Offers Vegan Mother’s Day Meal That Serves 4 for £20

UK department store Marks & Spencer (M&S) is offering a dine-in vegan Mother’s Day meal at an affordable cost of £20 for a family of four. Available from March 23-27, the meal will feature a roast, three sides, and a dessert. The roast is made from pea protein with a sage, mushroom, and parsley stuffing. While there are only two vegan sides on the menu — roast potatoes and braised red cabbage with Bramley apple — plant-based eaters can double up on one of these options to get three servings. The dessert is a raspberry flavour jelly terrine containing fresh berries. Plant-based at M&S In recent years, M&S Food has been a frontrunner in offering vegan and plant-based options. The chain’s Plant Kitchen range, launched …


M&S Plant Kitchen vegan VLT BLT sandwich

VLT Sandwich ©M&S

Products & Launches

M&S Expands Vegan Range to 175 Plant Kitchen Products

M&S has added a variety of new products to its Plant Kitchen range for Veganuary 2022, as well as launching its own two-month-long Sparking Change National Challenge. The initiative includes free expert tips and resources on exploring plant-based protein and reducing food waste. The famous high street retailer now has 175 products in its plant-based range, with new products in the expanded vegan line including Plant Kitchen Lasagne, Tikka Masala, Vegan Fish Fingers, No Lamb Shawarma, VLT Sandwich, Wood-fired Hot & Spicy Pizza, Chocolate Cake Jar, and many more.  In January, M&S will be providing Sparking Change National Challenge ideas through Sparks – its loyalty reward scheme – around the best ways to incorporate more protein from plants into customers’ diets. With simple swaps and …


Tesco Mince Pies


Market & Trends

UK: Where to Find the Best Vegan Mince Pies This Christmas

Christmas would not be Christmas without a mince pie. Historically, mince pies contained minced meat along with festive fruits and spices – hence the name – but the modern mince pie is thankfully meat-free. However, most mince pies on the supermarket shelves are still not vegan-friendly, often containing butter, milk, or egg.  Vegan mince pies first hit the mainstream in 2017, with UK supermarket Asda the first to launch its own brand plant-based version with dairy-free pastry. Over the following years, other major UK supermarket brands have released their own vegan versions of the Christmas treat.  According to research by Money.co.uk, Tesco Plant Chef Mince Pies are the best value from the big supermarkets, with each pie costing 21p each. Aldi Free From Mince Pies …