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Mushlabs Partners With Bitburger Brewery Group to Upcycle Beer Byproducts

Berlin-based biotech startup Mushlabs has announced a partnership with Bitburger Brewery Group, one of Germany’s largest private breweries. As part of the collaboration, Mushlabs will use byproducts from Bitburger’s beer production to make edible fermented mycelium. Additionally, Bitburger will provide Mushlabs with increased production capacity. Worldwide, Mushlabs is one of the first startups to use upcycled ingredients to ferment mycelium. Bitburger has previously recycled its byproducts by supplying them to the agricultural sector, but the new collaboration will improve sustainability even further by allowing Mushlabs to reduce the distance its materials are transported. Creating a circular economy This will help to lower Mushlabs’ carbon footprint, making fermentation an even more efficient way of producing protein. Through the collaboration, the two companies hope to provide an …



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Atlantic Food Relaunches as FoodLabs, Dedicates €100M to Expedite European FoodTech

As research reveals global sustainability to be overtaking personal health as consumers’ biggest concern, Atlantic Food Labs relaunches as FoodLabs, with a dedicated €100 million food tech fund for investment in food, health and sustainability startups. “The food industry is the largest industry in the world, and it accounts for more than a quarter of greenhouse emissions globally” An offshoot of the Berlin fund Atlantic Labs, and headed by tech investor Christophe Maire, the €100 million Early-Stage fund aims to help European innovators achieve a paradigm shift in the world of food production.  Over the last five years, the VC organization has been building and investing in fast-growth companies with positive sustainability impacts, including Mushlabs and Formo. With its new Food Fund, the brand claims …