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7 Game-Changing Startups Putting North Carolina on the Innovation Map

Continuing our series on emerging hot-spots in alt protein, we turn to North Carolina, The Tar Heel State – a place better known for its scenic countryside and traditional BBQ than cutting-edge food tech. But North Carolina’s world-class research facilities, low taxes, and pro-tech economy have attracted some of the world’s most innovative animal-free companies looking to disrupt a wide range of industries. From cultivated oysters and filet mignon to algae-made fabrics and next-level collagen, here are 7 startups turning North Carolina into a visionary center for alt protein and more.  1. No Evil Foods Founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Mike Woliansky and Sadrah Schadel, No Evil began its journey selling hand-crafted plant-based meats to local shops and restaurants in and around …


Myodenovo aims to grows cultivated meat using plant-based scaffolds


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Myodenovo Gets First Capital to Grow Filet Mignon with Plant Scaffolding Tech

Myodenovo, a cultivated meat startup based in North Carolina, USA, has disclosed a $105,000 raise from its first two investors, Sustainable Food Ventures and Sweet Farm.  Founded by George Engelmayr, a biomedical engineer with experience in regenerative medicine and other cultivated meat companies such as Memphis Meats (UPSIDE Foods) and Mission Barns, Myodenovo focuses on cultivated whole cuts with “realistic texture,” starting with filet mignon.  The new capital will enable the startup to cover general corporate expenses, including payments of director’s fees and salaries to employees. Plant-based scaffolding tech The company says to be developing an automated process to create thick cuts using bioreactors and its proprietary, patent-pending, plant-based scaffold tech for cell attachment in various dimensions. Its end products will be 90% cells to deliver the …