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Mycorena Develops System for Brewing Protein in Space Using Algae and Fungi

Swedish food tech company Mycorena announces that its innovative circular system for brewing protein in space using algae and fungi has been selected as a finalist of the Deep Space Food Challenge (DSFC). According to the company, out of 300 teams from 32 countries, only 11 remain in the competition.  The DSFC is a competition coordinated by NASA and the Canadian Space Agency to develop technologies that enable resource-efficient food production for long-term space missions. Additionally, it aims to accelerate innovation to create sustainable food production systems that produce nutritious, safe, and delicious food. Algae-fungi circular solution Mycorena developed a technology for the competition that uses fungi and algae in a closed-circuit system called AFCiS to optimize resource efficiency. It involves bioreactors and food production modules, …



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Nature’s Fynd, SpaceX and NASA Launch Novel Bioreactor to Grow “Fy” Fungi Protein in Space

Chicago food company Nature’s Fynd, in collaboration with NASA, has launched a protein bioreactor aboard SpaceX-25 en route to the International Space Station. Seeking to develop new sources of sustainable protein for space exploration, the flight study will demonstrate the use of novel technology to grow high-protein food on the ISS.  Revolutionary research During the study, the bioreactor will grow Fy, Nature’s Fynd’s nutritional fungi protein, by utilizing the company’s patented fermentation technology. According to the brand, its technology uses a fraction of the land, water and energy required in traditional agriculture. The bioreactor has also been proven to efficiently convert simple feedstocks, such as vegetation and excess plant material, into high-protein biomats of fungi. The ISS study will now test the bioreactor’s efficacy under …




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NASA Offers $1M Prize For Food Tech Innovators of the Future 

NASA is calling on the food tech world to help send astronauts further into the cosmos than ever before. With a prize purse of up to $1 million, NASA is launching the Deep Space Food Challenge to find the most innovative food tech solutions on the planet. “Pushing the boundaries of food technology will keep future explorers healthy and could even help feed people here at home.” NASA, in coordination with the Canadian Space Agency, has launched The Deep Space Food Challenge to ask competitors to create a food tech system that could sustain a crew of four on a three-year deep space mission. Ready-to-eat foods, dehydrated powders, cultivated plants and fungi, as well as cellular agriculture meat have all been explored in Phase One …


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Nature’s Fynd: “This is the Moonshot of Our Time. The Stakes are Higher Than Ever, But Solutions Like Ours Offer Greater Potential”

Nature’s Fynd is a sustainable foods company employing breakthrough fermentation technology to produce Fy™, the product of a cultivated, naturally occurring microorganism from the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park, which is being used to produce great tasting, earth-friendly foods.


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Nature’s Fynd Raises $80 Million From Bill Gates & Al Gore For “New-to-the-World” Protein Sourced From Volcanoes

Nature’s Fynd, formerly known as Sustainable Bioproducts, has secured $80 million in Series B funding round led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Generation Investment Management, chaired by Bill Gates and Al Gore respectively. The company emerged out of NASA supported research into organisms from geothermal springs.