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Nasoya Launches Plant-Based Chicken Bites at Albertsons and Meijer

Nasoya, an American-based tofu brand, has introduced a new product under its Plantspired range: Plant-Based Chick’n. This new product line is now available at Albertsons and Meijer stores, offered in two Asian-inspired flavors: Kung-Pao and Bee-Free Honey Garlic. Pulmuone, the South Korean parent company of Nasoya, is one of the world’s leading producers of tofu. It launched the Plantspired line under the Nasoya brand in 2022 and has since expanded the line to include plant-based steak in a variety of flavors and Toss’ables pre-baked tofu bites. According to the company, the Plantspired Plant-Based Steak saw a significant sales increase of 155% in 2023. Expansion of the Plantspired range Director of Marketing Communications and Consumer Insights at Pulmuone, Ellen Kim, commented on the expansion: “We are …


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Products & Launches

Pulmuone and Nasoya to Debut New Asian-Inspired Plant-Based Products at Expo West

Pulmuone, a leading global tofu manufacturer and the parent company of US plant-based brands Nasoya and Wildwood has announced that it will unveil a range of new plant-based products at the upcoming Natural Products Expo West, which takes place from March 14-16 in Anaheim, California. Among the company’s highlighted innovations are Nasoya’s latest Asian-inspired plant-based cuisine options, including an updated format for its vegan dumplings with dipping sauces, a novel lineup of vegan dressings, an exclusive preview of a new plant-based chicken product, and a limited-edition packaging design for its tofu range in honor of April’s Earth Month. Director of Marketing Communications and Consumer Insights at Pulmuone, Ellen Kim, noted, “Americans are expecting more of their plant-based products and are eager for them to feature globally-inspired flavors …


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Nasoya: “We Really Cracked the Code to Create a Plant-Based Steak That Tastes Great”

We have been following the launches and developments of Nasoya since its parent company Pulmuone entered the plant-based meat category in 2021. The South Korean leader launched the Plantspired line under the Nasoya brand the following year, which has seen huge success (with sales up by an impressive 800% in October of last year) and multiple flavor extensions for the notable Plantspired steak which was featured in our recent roundup of popular plant-based steaks around the world. Nasoya is certainly one to watch, in our humble opinion. Marketing Director Ellen Kim kindly took the time to tell us more about the brand and its plans for the future. Can you please introduce Nasoya? Nasoya is the nation’s leading brand of tofu and Asian-inspired plant-based foods, …


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Pulmuone and Culinary Institute of America Award $10,000 for Tofu Innovation Challenge

Pulmuone USA, maker of Nasoya tofu products, reveals it has awarded $10,000 in scholarships to three student winners of The Tofu Innovation Challenge, which it created in partnership with CIA Consulting, a division of The Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Hosted at CIA’s New York campus, the contest was designed to showcase the versatility of tofu and plant-based dishes, and offered CIA students an opportunity to win scholarship funding toward their tuition.  Pulmuone says eight students out of 60 applicants were selected for the challenge, who subsequently spent two months experimenting with tofu and other plant-based ingredients while perfecting recipes. The panel of judges included CIA Chef Instructor Aaron Foglietta and Nasoya representatives, who evaluated the final dishes based on creativity, presentation, taste and accessibility …



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Nasoya Introduces New Flavors to Award-Winning Plantspired Steak Range in USA

Nasoya, a brand under Pulmuone Foods USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pulmuone South Korea, is known as the maker of the country’s leading brand of tofu, with a nearly 70% market share in the US. Ahead of Expo West, the company announces two flavor extensions to its Plantspired range: Plantspired Plant-based Steak is now available in Korean Gochujang flavor, while Plantspired Toss’ables adds a new Sweet Chili variety.  Steady success in the category Following the hire of ex-vice president of Johnson & Johnson Kilsu Cho as General Manager in 2019, Pulmuone first entered the plant-based meat space with the Plantspired line, debuting with 20 products for the global market. Nasoya first introduced its award-winning Plantspired Korean BBQ Steak to retailers across the US last March. …


List of the best plant-based steak products in North America

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The 9 Most Incredible Brands Disrupting Steak with Plants (North America)

While plant-based burgers, sausages and meatballs have long dominated the alt-meat landscape, creating realistic steak from plants has always represented the highest, if seemingly unattainable goal, for many brands. But thanks to fearless and relentless innovation, a host of shockingly meaty and juicy plant-based steaks have arrived on the US and Canadian market, and are rapidly coming to the fore. Here, vegconomist takes a look at the most noteworthy names bringing animal-free steak to mainstream consumers.  1. Beyond Meat  While not a fully structured filet, Beyond’s “revolutionary” plant-based steak tips marked a major milestone for the company, which previously only offered ground-textured products like burgers and sausages. According to CEO Ethan Brown, Beyond Steak took five years of extensive R&D to develop. The product can …