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Nasoya Introduces New Flavors to Award-Winning Plantspired Steak Range in USA

Nasoya, a brand under Pulmuone Foods USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pulmuone South Korea, is known as the maker of the country’s leading brand of tofu, with a nearly 70% market share in the US. Ahead of Expo West, the company announces two flavor extensions to its Plantspired range: Plantspired Plant-based Steak is now available in Korean Gochujang flavor, while Plantspired Toss’ables adds a new Sweet Chili variety.  Steady success in the category Following the hire of ex-vice president of Johnson & Johnson Kilsu Cho as General Manager in 2019, Pulmuone first entered the plant-based meat space with the Plantspired line, debuting with 20 products for the global market. Nasoya first introduced its award-winning Plantspired Korean BBQ Steak to retailers across the US last March. …


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The 9 Most Incredible Brands Disrupting Steak with Plants (North America)

While plant-based burgers, sausages and meatballs have long dominated the alt-meat landscape, creating realistic steak from plants has always represented the highest, if seemingly unattainable goal, for many brands. But thanks to fearless and relentless innovation, a host of shockingly meaty and juicy plant-based steaks have arrived on the US and Canadian market, and are rapidly coming to the fore. Here, vegconomist takes a look at the most noteworthy names bringing animal-free steak to mainstream consumers.  1. Beyond Meat  While not a fully structured filet, Beyond’s “revolutionary” plant-based steak tips marked a major milestone for the company, which previously only offered ground-textured products like burgers and sausages. According to CEO Ethan Brown, Beyond Steak took five years of extensive R&D to develop. The product can …