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Canada: Denny’s Restaurants Renews Agreement to Serve Plantein Plant-Based Tenders and Nuggets

Canadian plant-based food company Naturally Splendid announces that Denny’s Restaurants has renewed an agreement to serve Naturally’s Plantein Nuggets and Crumbed Tenders at all of Denny’s Canadian restaurants.  According to Naturally Splendid, the renewed agreement is part of a national program, and Denny’s will continue to offer plant-based chicken items at all corporate and participating franchise locations. Consumers can find the breaded tenders and nuggets under the Plantein brand, with Denny’s recently completing new on-premises advertising and a rebranded restaurant menu.  Plantain’s tenders and nuggets are also available for online retail purchase, along with the brand’s other products, including Plant-Based Schnitzel, Garlic Kievs, the Crispy Burger, and Phishy Fillet.  New additions “In addition to renewing our agreement, we are very excited to report that Denny’s …