The Cultivated B Canada, a subsidiary of Germany’s The Cultivated B, has been renamed as n!Biomachines.

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The Cultivated B Canada Rebrands to n!Biomachines, Pioneering Fit-for-Purpose Bioreactors

The German biotech The Cultivated B. announces that its subsidiary The Cultivated B Canada has been rebranded to n!Biomachines to reflect its mission in bioreactor engineering for successful biomanufacturing. (The notation ‘n!’ represents ‘factorial’, hence the name can be read as ‘factorial biomachines.’) n!Biomachines, located in Burlington, Ontario, develops and manufactures fit-for-purpose, affordable, and automated bioreactors, to enable the commercial scalability of cellular agriculture-derived ingredients for for food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and more. The Cultivated B. opened its bioreactor facility in 2022, as part of a strategic partnership with Ontario Genomics, a government-funded non-profit, to develop the economic potential of the cell ag industry.  Hamid Noori, CEO of n!Biomachines and The Cultivated B., comments: “The mathematical term, ‘n!’, or n factorial, acknowledges the core of our mission: scalability and …