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New Age Meats Re-Brands to New Age Eats in Preparation for Consumer Launch

New Age Meats, a startup producing hybrid plant-based and cultivated meat, is re-branding to New Age Eats. The new name and tagline “The Joy of Pig” reflects a long-term strategy to offer consumers a large portfolio of products, ranging from sausage and dumplings to pizza toppings. Pending regulatory approval, New Age plans to begin commercial production in 2023.  “Emphasizing the joy” According to founder and CEO Brian Spears, New Age reached out to consumers to guide its brand refresh. “We’ve been working on this rebrand for a while,”  Spears shared online. “It’s the result of speaking with hundreds of our potential consumers and finding out what matters to them. New Age Eats is big enough to hold the vision of where we’re going while emphasizing …


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Berkeley’s New Age Meats Raises $25M for Hybrid Pork Sausage Production

Cell-cultured meat company New Age Meats has announced a $25 million Series A funding raise. The funding will allow the Berkeley-based company to begin production of its first cell-cultured and plant-based hybrid pork products by 2022.  New Age Meats, which was founded in 2018, will also use the Series A funding to double its workforce, and in a crucial milestone for the company, build a 20,000-square-foot pilot manufacturing facility in Alameda, California.  The company’s first product line will be a variety of sausage products, with an eye towards large pork consumers like China. New Age Meats claims its production process is designed to scale up quickly to meet demand in such rapidly growing markets. In an interview with vegconomist, New Age Meats CEO Brian Spears …


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New Age Meats: “There’s a Reason We’re Called New Age Meats. The Definition of Meat is Changing.”

New Age Meats is a cultivated meat company working to develop delicious proteins free from animal slaughter, aiming to bring its first product, a pork sausage, to market soon.  Based in San Francisco, the company’s tagline is “Meat without slaughter” – a sentiment that we can all get on board with, whether vegan or not.


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New Age Meats: First Taste Test of Lab-Grown Pork Sausages

The US-based start-up New Age Meats, which is only a few months old, specializes in the research and development of cultured meat (Clean Meat). The new company from San Francisco is a member of IndieBio’s Accelerator Program, and has already been granted $250,000 in financial capital. The start-up’s aim is to counter traditional animal agriculture with innovative and slaughter-free cultivated products. Only recently, a few people were invited to taste test the laboratory-grown “Farm-Free” pork sausage. They were offered three different types of sausage, made from pig cells grown in the laboratory. The reporter Erin Brodwin from Business Insider reported on the laboratory-grown sausages: “It tasted like meat. On the other hand, it is meat. The texture was clearly sausage-like. After chewing my bite, I …