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New Balance Launches Vegan Version of 990v5 Shoe

Updated Jan 2024: Following the launch of New Balance’s vegan version of the 990v5 shoe, the company also dropped a vegan-friendly iteration of its best-selling 574 collection. While New Balance is no longer making the vegan 990v5 sneaks, you may still be able to purchase them from third-party retailers while supplies last. US company New Balance unveils vegan version of 990v5 shoe, featuring animal-free suede and leather. Sportswear brand New Balance has launched the first ever animal-free version of its classic 990v5 sneaker. Pigskin suede has been replaced with vegan leather and plastic overlays to make the shoes cruelty-free. The sneaker looks very similar to the original 990v5, with the same greyscale palate. However, it also features a green and white V logo on the …