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Cultivated Fish, Meat, & Poultry, All Animal-Free

Cultivated meat is the next big thing in the food industry – and the highlight of this year’s Anuga trade fair, which hosted ProVeg’s New Food Conference. Food-tech pioneers provided insights into the evolving cultured food sector, which will soon be producing meat, poultry, fish, milk, and eggs without the need for animals. In the future, it’s possible that nine billion people will be able to enjoy steaks, fish, and cheese without causing harm to animals, the environment, or their health. This is the vision of the nearly 20 industry representatives, investors, and scientists who spoke at the New Food Conference (NFC) in Cologne on 10–11 October. Food organisation ProVeg organised the international conference as a hybrid online and in-person event for the first time, …


Katleen Haefele from ProVeg International


New Food Conference 2021: “The Pandemic Accelerated the Plant-Based Trend – Now It’s About Using the Momentum For Innovation”

Both disruptive protein technology and the market for sustainable food solutions are growing at a mind-blowing pace. The New Food Conference is Europe’s first and biggest conference on new-protein solutions and a key event for food-industry stakeholders. Katleen Haefele, International Head of Food Services and Events at ProVeg, talks to vegconomist about what to expect at this year’s online event.