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Daring Foods NY Times ad ©Daring Foods

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Daring’s New York Times Ad Urges World to Switch to Plant-Based Chicken

Daring Foods is kicking off 2022 with a New York Times ad campaign asking readers to help reform the chicken industry. We spoke with the company’s founder about the reasons behind the campaign. Chicken is the most widely consumed meat product in the US, with the average American consuming over 65 pounds every year, Daring says.  Fixing the industry In several full-page ads, the plant-based chicken brand calls attention to some of the worst environmental offences and ethical abuses found in commercial poultry production. Most prominently, industrial farms produce an enormous carbon footprint, emit huge amounts of pollution, and frequently contaminate groundwater with toxic runoff. As a solution, Daring invites readers to switch from conventional chicken products to the company’s protein-rich, plant-based alternatives that offer …