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The Average American Consumer is an Omnivore Interested in Plantbased Protein

Nielsen has released new data related to the rise of meat alternatives in consumer packaged goods (CPG), and demonstrating that today’s American consumer is, on average, an omnivore, but they’re playing the field when it comes to exploring meat alternatives in their search for dietary protein. In fact, protein-seeking consumers are more likely than ever to consider all the options available to them.”


Plant protein sources

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Market & Trends

NPD: “It’s Possible That Protein is Evolving Into a Category”

Plant-based protein from broadline food service distributors to food service operators grew 20 percent in the year ending November 2018, compared to the previous year. The research company NPD Group says that all census regions showed double-digit growth, during that time period, with the western region (USA) growing the most, followed closely by the South, according to a news release.


plant-based milk beverage drink

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Studies & Numbers

Plant-Based Drinks Demonstrate Largest Growth Globally

Plant-based products are proving their worth globally by being one of the food and beverage categories showing the largest growth.  Statistics are proving that the trends in milk production are showing the same patterns around the world; according to Nielsen data compiled for the Plant-Based Foods Association, sales of plant-based milk beverages rose 9% in the year prior to June 2018, up from 3% the previous year. Meanwhile, traditional cow’s milk sales declined by 6%.