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Canada’s No Meat Factory to Open $20M Production Facility Near Seattle

After a recent $42 million Series B round raise, Canadian plant-based meat manufacturer, No Meat Factory (NMF) has announced it will open its first production facility in the United States to expand its manufacturing capacity.  The Canadian firm will invest up to $20 million in renovations and improvements to reopen a plant in Stanwood, Washington, 50 miles north of Seattle, closed by Twin City Foods in 2017. The new plant is estimated to be operational by the end of 2023, employing as many as 150 workers, the US Department of Commerce said in an announcement.  Plant-based, alt protein products “This site will also produce exclusively plant-based alternative protein products to satisfy our growing partners’ requirements,” commented Leon Bell, founder and COO of No Meat Factory. Founded in 2019, No Meat …