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Plant-Based Industry to Flourish in Benelux With Support From Veg Capital & Kale United

UK’s Veg Capital and Sweden’s Kale United, two game-changers in the world of vegan and ethical investment, have invested in Brandplant, a Netherlands distributor of plant-based products, signalling the acceleration of vegan product availability in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The partnership between these three ethically aligned companies with an impressive combined international vegan network has huge potential for the growth of plant-based business in the three markets. The funds will be utilised to accelerate the growth of current Brandplant brands, in addition to portfolio brands of Veg Capital and Kale United, who in return will support Brandplant’s own brands in the UK and Scandinavia. “It really is a win-win situation,” states Veg Capital’s Managing Director Matthew Glover, who also co-founded Veganuary and VFC, “as …


Anders Christensen, TastefulFoods

Anders Christensen, Tasteful Foods

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Denmark’s GRÖNT Enters Germany After Conquering Nordics

Despite having been founded just less than a year ago, Danish brand GRÖNT has launched throughout all of the Nordic countries and now announces its expansion into Germany, the biggest plant-based market in Europe. Anders P. Christensen, founder and CEO of Tasteful Foods, the company behind GRÖNT, says that as of this month the brand’s plant-based portfolio is available in both Sweden and Finland, and can be found in all Nordic countries across more than 3,000 grocery stores, making it the fastest-growing plant-based brand in the Nordics. GRÖNT is known for its selection of popular dishes such as lasagna, chili non-carne, butter chicken, and green curry, which were developed in collaboration with a team of gourmet chefs. The dishes have retail availability in COOP in …


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Nordic Meat Giant Invests KR 4Million For Smoothie Company to Develop Chicken From Potatoes

Scandi Standard, the leading producer of chicken products in the Nordic region and Ireland, just announced a partnership with the Swedish food development company Veg of Lund, which is best- known for its smoothies. Together they want to develop an innovative chicken alternative based on locally produced potatoes.