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Nourish Ingredients Establishes Strategic Hub for Animal-Free Fat in Singapore

Australian precision fermentation company Nourish Ingredients has revealed plans to establish its operations in Singapore to accelerate the production of animal-free fats. Just a few weeks ago, the company debuted its new fat Tastilux in a plant-based chicken wing to showcase its capabilities in improving the taste and smell of alternative meats. Nourish Ingredients will produce its flagship ingredient at Nurasa’s Food Tech Innovation Centre (FTIC), which features labs and a shared pilot facility. Nurasa is part of the Singapore government-owned investment accelerator firm Temasek. The Australian food tech has also partnered with ScaleUp Bio, a local CDMO launched by Nurasa and ADM, to support and accelerate its fermentation capacity and to work with the regulatory body, the Singapore Food Authority. Singapore’s regulatory and legal support, its production capabilities, …


Nourish Ingredients has unveiled Tastilux, a new animal-free fat

Image courtesy of Nourish Ingredients


Nourish Ingredients Unveils New Animal-Free Fat in Plant-Based Chicken with Edible Bones

Australian food tech company Nourish Ingredients has unveiled Tastilux, a new animal-free fat that the company claims can address the challenges of taste, nutrition, and consumer adoption in the plant-based meat market. To demonstrate the potential of the new ingredient, the company’s head of culinary innovation crafted a realistic, plant-based chicken wing featuring edible calcium-based bones that was presented at the SXSW event in Sydney, Australia.  “Attendees can experience the authentic flavor, juicy texture, and enjoyment of chicken wings without involving animals,” said the company.  A “quantum leap” to deliciousness Developed with natural lipid molecules and scaled through precision fermentation, it took the company’s scientific team three years to develop a product capable of replacing conventional fats and oils without animal ingredients or artificial chemicals, explains Nourish Ingredients. Tastilux …



Nourish Ingredients(left-to-right)- Surinder Singh(Chief Scientist), James Petrie(CEO & Co-founder), Ben Leita (Co-Founder), Anna El Tahchy (Chief Technical Officer), image supplied

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Nourish Ingredients Raises $28.6M for Animal-Free Speciality Fats

Australian food tech company Nourish Ingredients has raised $28.6 million USD in Series A funding. The round was led by Horizons Ventures, with support from MainSequence Ventures and Hostplus. Nourish uses precision fermentation to produce fats identical to those found in animal products. Founders Dr. James Petrie and Dr. Benjamin Leita believe that replicating animal fats is a vital step in convincing meat lovers to transition to alt proteins. The new funding will be used to scale production and extend product development. In part, this will be done via partnerships with leading institutions worldwide, including The University of California Riverside (UCR), Australia’s national science agency CSIRO, the University of Nottingham, UK, and Deakin University. Fattening up plant-based food Previously, Nourish raised $11 million in a …


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The Future is Fat: The Startups Looking to Fatten up Vegan Food

Research shows vast swathes of the global population are turning to plant-based for a healthier diet, with vegan food associated with a wide array of health benefits. On the other hand, however, researchers have concluded that many consumers simply find processed animal-based foods too tasty to give up.  According to Phil Morle from plant-based industry investor Main Sequence; to “unlock the mysteries of fats and create animal-free fats” is “essential for the future of the industry”. Fat holds the key to flavour, and creating viable, healthy and tasty vegan fats is the latest innovation frontier. With this in mind, vegconomist takes a look at the fattiest players in the alt meat sphere:   77 Foods  After being named by Unilever as the winner of its Innovation …