juicy marbles' plant-based whole cut loin pictured on a wooden board and being cut by a man

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

6 Innovators Disrupting Steak With Plants in Europe

Following our recent article on the steak alternatives available in North America, we take a look at the innovative brands disrupting steak in Europe. Not so long ago, most meat alternatives were limited to minced products such as sausages and burgers. But with technology progressing at an astonishing rate, consumers can now enjoy a range of whole-cut products, making it easier than ever to avoid meat. Here we give six examples of steak made from plants, currently available on the European market, and one more that is soon to arrive. 1. Vivera In 2018, Dutch brand Vivera became one of the first producers worldwide to launch plant-based steak. The product made its debut at UK supermarket chain Tesco, where 40,000 were sold in a single …


four heura chorizos on a plate

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Investments & Finance

Spain’s Alternative Protein Sector Stands Out Among Food Tech Investments in 2022

In 2022, Spain remained prominent among the top ten European food tech countries according to Eatable Adventures’ report, The State of Foodtech in Spain 2022. Here we take a look at some top-ranking Spanish alt food brands in terms of investments including Heura, Cocuus, Innomy, Cubiq, and Novameat. This year, the total investment figure for food tech in Spain stands at 268 million euros, an increase of 9.38% compared to the previous year, not counting the investment round achieved by Glovo (450 million euros), says the report. Series A rounds saw an increase, growing by nearly 20%, 5 points more than in 2021. According to Eatable Adventures, the emergence of the alternative protein sector stands out among significant investments rounds in 2022, with three startups …


novameat's steak

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Investments & Finance

Novameat Secures $6M in Pre-Series A to Accelerate Whole Cut Plant-Based Steak

Spanish biotech startup Novameat has raised $6.4 million in Pre-Series A funding to scale whole cuts of plant-based meat. The startup plans to use the funds to bring its steaks and tenderloin to market this year, says Forbes.  Based in Barcelona, Novameat creates whole cut plant-based versions of beef, pork and chicken using several forms of technology, including proprietary 3D printing and microextrusion techniques. In 2018, Novameat unveiled the world’s first 3D printed plant-based steak, followed by a more sophisticated whole muscle beef steak in 2020.  Higher-speed production To create highly texturized meat alternatives, the company has continuously worked to improve its prototypes and production technology. According to CEO and bioengineer Giuseppi Scionti, Novameat is currently capable of producing 500kg of plant-based whole cuts per hour …



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Printed Technology

NovaMeat to Showcase 3D Printed Steaks at Alt Protein Conference 9th September

The Future of Meat: Hybrid is the theme of this year’s Alt Protein Conference, organised by Protein Directory and Cell Agri. Experts in the field of proteins of the future will be speaking, including Giuseppe Scionti, CEO and founder of NovaMeat, a Spanish company that develops plant-based and 3D cellular meat. The focus of the event is on companies that are transforming the future of meat through cultured and plant-based meat, referring to the future of meat as hybrid. According to the event’s official website, attendees will be able to learn “about the key business opportunities in alternative proteins as the field moves towards hybrid products and network with business leaders and scientists from both cellular agriculture and the plant-based alternative protein industry.” The event …


NovaMeat pork skewer

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As a Global Meat Shortage Looms and Consumers Turn Away From Meat, Nova Meat Reveals 3D Printed Pork

During a week when the world is experiencing supply problems which have seen Tyson boss John Tyson stating in the NY Times that the “food supply chain is breaking,” Italian bioengineer Giuseppe Scionti tells vegconomist that his startup Nova Meats has developed realistic 3D plant-based pork with the texture and appearance of pork meat.