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Agtech Startup NuCicer Closes Additional Seed Round for Ultra-High Protein Chickpeas

Agtech company NuCicer, which is creating ultra-high protein chickpeas using wild chickpea varieties, announces the close of an additional seed funding round led by Leaps by Bayer, the impact investing arm of Bayer AG.  The investment will allow NuCicer to scale production of its high-protein chickpeas, which contain 75% more protein than conventional chickpeas. The company also aims to reduce chickpea protein ingredient costs by 50% as it works to bring consumers more affordable plant proteins in 2023.  40X more diversity Co-founded by UC Davis Professor and CTO Douglas Cook, a world-renowned expert on chickpea genetics, NuCicero harnesses the extensive natural biodiversity of wild chickpeas using a machine learning and genomic breeding platform.  Wild chickpeas contain 40X more genetic diversity than commercial varieties, and NuCicer …


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NuCicer Raises $4.5M to Halve Cost of a Plant Protein for the First Time Ever

Father-daughter-run company NuCicer raises $4.5 million for ultra-high protein chickpeas. NuCicer, a US plant genetics company that is a spinoff from UC Davis, has raised $4.5 million in an oversubscribed seed funding round. The round was led by Lever VC, with participation from The House Fund, Trellis Road, and Lifely VC. Founded by Kathryn Cook (formerly of Facebook and Boeing), along with her father Douglas Cook (a UC Davis researcher), NuCicer has developed a variety of chickpea that contains up to 75% more protein than the regular kind. This has the potential to slash the cost of chickpea protein by half — the first time this will ever have been achieved for a plant protein. The company says it will use the funding to support …


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NuCicer Unveils Chickpeas with 75% More Protein, Slashing Costs by Half

Plant genetics pioneer NuCicer has developed chickpeas with 75% higher protein content than conventional varieties. The new chickpeas are non-GMO and developed naturally using wild genetic diversity, producing a highly cost-effective protein with the power to disrupt the plant-based industry.  Looking to outcompete soy, wheat, and pea, NuCicer reports that its new ultra-high protein varieties will cut the cost of chickpea protein by almost half. Speaking with vegconomist, NuCicer co-Founder and CEO Kathryn Cook explains that the company uses “genomics-guided, speed breeding” techniques to optimize natural genetic diversity. This allows NuCicer to reduce a traditional 10-year breeding cycle down to as few as 24 months. NuCicer has spent over ten years compiling the world’s largest collection of wild crop progenitors with cultivated chickpea, and is …