Nude. and Mae Terra launch oat milk range for children with carbon footprint labels

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Brazil: Nude. and Mãe Terra Introduce Oat-based Drinks for Kids with Carbon Footprint Labels

Brazilian oat specialist Nude. and Mãe Terra Produtos Naturais e Orgânicos have partnered to create a line of sustainable oat-based children’s drinks that display the product’s carbon footprint on the packaging. The new Nude. Zooreta oat milk range comes in three flavors: cocoa, red fruit, and vitamin (banana, apple, and papaya). The initiative marks the first time for Mãe Terra, though carbon footprint labels are already part of Nude.’s climate-transparent message. Both companies are B Corp Certified. The new vegan drink range will be part of Mãe Terra’s Zooreta portfolio, which includes snacks, granola, and cookies for children. Suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerants, the drinks are gluten-free, without added sugar or additives to offer a clean-label alternative. Lower environmental impact  Nude. was founded in 2020 by Giovanna Meneghel and Alexander Appel in …


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NotCo Joins Brazilian Companies to Launch Base Planta, a New Association to Make Plant-Based More Accessible

NotCo Brazil has joined Brazilian plant-based companies NUDE, Positive Company, and Vida Veg to launch Base Planta, an association seeking to make plant-based foods more accessible to consumers. The group will establish a dialogue with authorities, suppliers, regulators, governments, and commercial partners searching for better prices, and more favorable conditions to propel the development of the sector in Brazil. Base Planta will act as a representative of the plant-based market in the country, searching for fiscal equality with animal-based products. According to the association, while plant-based milk pays a federal tax of 9.25%, UHT milk (of animal origin) does not. Additionally, plant-based products include municipal, state, and federal taxes making them more expensive. Base Planta believes that by making taxes more fair and balanced, they will be able …