French Supreme Court rules in favor of plant-based group in legal battle over misleading labels

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Setback for French Government as Court Supports Plant-Based Meat and Rejects Label Confusion

After five years of legal battle, the French Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Nutrition & Santé Group (owner of Gerblé, Céréal, ValpiBio, Valpiform) which had been accused by the meat lobby Interbev (Association Nationale Interprofessionnelle du Bétail et des Viandes) of unfair competition and misleading plant-based meat labels, announces the Association Végétarienne de France.  The court confirmed that a risk of confusion between “steak” and “veggie steak” had not been established. In the court’s view, consumers can distinguish between the different categories if the packaging and advertisements “clearly” indicate that the product is plant-based, reports the French media.  Against plant-based meat This ruling favoring plant-based meat is a significant setback for the French government, which recently renewed proposals to prohibit more than 21 meat …


Alexandre Bompard at a Carrefour announcing the launch of a coalition to democratize plant-based foods

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Carrefour and Major Food Companies Launch Plant-Based Coalition to Take Alternatives Mainstream

Président Directeur Général of Carrefour, Alexandre Bompard,  has announced the launch of a plant-based coalition to democratize and develop plant-based alternatives for the market.  In partnership with food manufacturing and distribution companies Danone, SAVENCIA, ANDROS, Bel Bonduelle, Unilever, and NUTRITION & SANTE, the coalition aims to reach €3 billion in sales by 2026. “This initiative demonstrates our ability to join forces and assume our collective responsibility as manufacturers and retailers to consume sustainable products at reasonable prices,” says Bompard on social media. Food is responsible for almost 25% of GHG emissions, and global warming is increasing rapidly. As 50% of households follow a flexitarian diet, and the purchasing power of the French is under significant pressure, Bompard believes that affordable plant-based alternatives are a solution …