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Oato: “What Began as an Idea and a Question Is Now the Largest Supplier of Fresh Oat Milk in the UK”

UK brand Oato prides itself on offering oat milk that is fresh rather than ultra-heat treated (UHT). The company uses 100% British oats, and started out by offering home deliveries in reusable glass bottles as part of the traditional British milk round. In February, Oato announced it had secured its first brick-and-mortar listing with retail chain Booths, launching at stores in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, and Cheshire. The brand’s Barista Whole product became one of very few milk alternatives to be available in recyclable HDPE poly bottles, reminiscent of cow’s milk packaging. Earlier this month, Oato announced another retail listing at 229 Waitrose stores UK-wide. We caught up with founder and MD Carl Hopwood to find out more about Oato’s rise to success and vision for …


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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

Oato Launches its Fresh Oat Milk into Waitrose Nationwide with Ambitions to Become the UK’s Leading Dairy Alternative

Oato, based in Lancashire England, is the producer of what it says is a category-first product with its refrigerated, fresh oat milk (as opposed to shelf-stable, UHT), created in a factory that produces more solar power than it uses. This February Oato announced its launch into Booths stores across Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cumbria, and Cheshire, marking its debut in brick-and-mortar retail and first departure from its home delivery model. Now, the company celebrates its first fully nationwide launch as its 1L Fresh Barista Whole Oat Drink made with 100% British oats lands on shelves at 229 Waitrose stores throughout the country. Made exclusively with British Oats, Oato claims its carbon footprint and associated carbon miles are among the lowest of any plant milk on sale today. …


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Company News

Oato’s “Category-First” Fresh Oat Milk Expands into Retail, Aiming to Become Biggest Brand in UK Alt Milk Category

Lancashire, England-based Oato is expanding into brick-and-mortar retail through a distribution deal with Booths for its 1L Fresh Barista Whole Oat Drink, with bold ambitions, claiming it is poised to become the leading alt milk in the UK. The oat milk is said to be a category first in that it is not UHT (ultra-high temperature)/shelf-stable, but fresh/refrigerated. “Our latest release is a category first to the dairy alternative category, emphasising local sourcing, convenience, and provenance—qualities that matter to British consumers. Being fresh, not UHT sets us apart,” says Oato, explaining that British consumers have always preferred fresh dairy milk over long-life options, though there are very few available counterparts in plant-based milk. Fresh milk simply tastes better, says Oato, and why should oat be …