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Mumbai’s Ode to Gaia Aims to “Flip the Script on Vegan Patisserie” in India

Ode to Gaia is a fully plant-based patisserie in Mumbai, India. The business aims to “flip the script on vegan patisserie”, offering luxury pastries and desserts that are free of dairy, eggs, and gelatin. Founded in 2019 by Chef Naimita Jagasi, Ode to Gaia uses innovative ingredients to make plant-based versions of complex desserts. This includes a specially developed potato protein-based egg substitute that can be used to stabilize cakes, mousses, and more. The patisserie has also created its own white chocolate alternative made from cashews and cacao butter. Ode to Gaia has a focus on sustainable sourcing, using Fair Trade and locally produced ingredients where possible. The patisserie also works to uplift women through equal-opportunity employment and upskilling. Additionally, Ode to Gaia caters for …