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Unlock Exceptional Flavor and Perfect Savory Harmony with Ohly® Carbon Neutral Yeast-Based Ingredients

Vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular because of growing concerns around environmental impact and animal welfare, as well as health. As consumers seek healthier and more sustainable foods, producers face various challenges with regards to taste. Reducing or replacing ingredients to make a product healthier or more sustainable can often make it difficult to retain great taste. That’s where Ohly taste improvement solutions come in. Improving taste with yeast-based ingredients Like meat, cheese and ripe tomatoes, yeast extracts are rich in glutamic acid, a naturally occurring compound which brings an umami taste. Often described as the ‘fifth taste’, umami can bring out true flavours and enhance the overall taste experience of plant-based foods by imparting that savoury and deeply satisfying sensation which …



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Ohly: “Creating State-of-the-Art Ingredients That Contribute to Sustainable Lifestyles”

Ohly is a world-leading provider of specialty yeast products and extracts. These vegan-friendly ingredients can be used to enhance flavors, reduce salt content, mask off-notes, and more. Last year, Ohly launched a native yeast protein concentrate with a gelling function that can replace eggs in numerous applications, such as desserts, bakery products, and sauces. The ingredient can also act as an emulsifier, foaming agent, and more. Ohly has recently added to its extensive range by developing its first carbon-neutral yeast extracts. We spoke to Nancy Zacca, director of global sales, and Kristina Vervoorst, product and marketing manager, to find out more about the company and its products. Ohly offers a range of plant protein ingredients. What solutions do you bring to food producers? How do …