Nestlé and Clextral revoke patent for Ojah's plant protein tech at EPO

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Ojah’s Patent for Transforming Plant Proteins Into Meat Revoked Following Nestlé Appeal

Following an appeal by Nestlé and Clexrtal, the EPO Boards of Appeal (the department of final instance in proceedings before the European Patent Office) have revoked a patent belonging to Dutch alt meat producer Ojah BV this April. Ojah’s patent covers a technology to transform plant-based proteins, such as soy, into meat-like structures.  Clextral is a French machine manufacturer, an expert in twin-screw technology, offering design and testing of industrial solutions, equipment manufacturing, on-site installation maintenance, and improvement services. Big Food conglomerate Nestlé has a broad plant-based portfolio including, Wunda, Garden Gourmet, Plant-Based Milo, Vuna, Vrimp, and Veggie Eggs, among others. The European Patent Office Opposition Division upheld Ojah’s patent in amended form during proceedings in March 2021, with Nestlé and the French company Clextral …


Ojah to double production capacity

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Dutch Alt Meat Producer Ojah to Double Production Capacity Due to Strong Demand

Netherlands-based Ojah has announced that it will significantly expand its production facilities, as demand for the company’s meat alternatives continues to rise. The expansion will almost double production capacity, with manufacturing set to take place around the clock. Ojah is also said to be investigating ways to expand globally. The company claims that its patented technology, which is based on high-moisture extrusion, produces premium products with high consumer acceptance. Made from just two ingredients — plant protein and water — Ojah’s meat alternatives are available in a range of formats, including chunks, strips, and tenders. “Highest quality standard” In 2019, Ojah launched what it claimed were the world’s first vegan ribs, made with a newly developed texture called Heppi. Produced using yellow pea protein, the …