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Asia’s Plant-Based Pioneer OmniFoods Arrives Into 119 Sainsbury’s Stores

OmniFoods‘ plant-based pork products, OmniPork Mince and OmniPork Strips, have expanded into Sainsbury’s stores across the UK and are now available in the chilled aisles in 119 locations. The news follows its initial entry into the UK this March with VeganKind, and the recent Big Vegan Pig Out, a series of partnerships with restaurants in 21 UK locations. After dominating the Asian market, OmniFoods has seen successful recent retail expansion into Woolworth’s in Australia and into Whole Foods and Sprouts in the US as well as 25 food service locations in the US as listed here. The Hong Kong based pioneer even had time this June to enter the growing alt seafood category with the launch of the OmniSeafood line which includes Omni Classic Fillet, …