Cultivated meat startup Orbillion Bio has raised venture capital funding to develop further its predictive model or "scale-up algorithm" for cultivated meat.

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Orbillion Bio Secures Funds to Cultivate Beef at Scale With Innovative Algorithm

Cultivated meat startup Orbillion Bio has secured venture capital funding to develop further its predictive model or “scale-up algorithm” for cultivated meat and bring a product to the market “within a year’s time.” Specializing in cultivating heritage breed meats like Wagyu, elk, and lamb, Orbillion is currently focusing on creating a ground beef product that merges cultivated meat with plant-based ingredients to provide a “tasty, nutritious product at the price of conventionally produced meat,” Orbillion CEO Patricia Bubner, told Cultivated X. The Venture Collective led the funding round, with co-leadership from At One Ventures. YCombinator, Metaplanet, and other prominent global food investors backed the company’s cultivated meat algorithm. This capital brings the startup’s total raised funds to $15 million. The algorithm for cultivated meat Instead of solely …


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Orbillion Bio Partners with Solar Biotech to Scale Cultivated Wagyu Beef for US Market

Cultivated meat startup Orbillion Bio announces it is partnering with Solar Biotech, a leader in SynBio bioprocessing, to further develop and scale production of premium cultivated Wagyu beef for US consumers. The partners plan to scale to 20,000L bioreactors, which will be capable of producing over 4 million pounds of meat every year. According to Orbillion, the strategic partnership reinforces their commitment to achieve price parity with conventional meat by 2026 and commodity pricing for beef by 2030. Through the collaboration, Orbillion states it now has a clear path to US commercialization of its first product, cultivated Wagyu beef. The effort will combine Orbillion’s proprietary cell culture platform with Solar Biotech’s scale-up bioprocess development capabilities and infrastructure, proprietary AI-driven bioprocess software, biosensing technologies, and vertically …


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Global Cultured Meat Markets Report – By 2040, a Projected 60% of Meat will be Created from Cells Grown Within Bioreactors and Sold Across Grocery Stores and Restaurants Worldwide

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “The Global Market for Cultured Meat – Market Size, Trends, Competitors, and Forecasts (2022)” report has been added to’s offering. By 2040, a projected 60% of the meat will be created from cells grown within bioreactors and sold across grocery stores and restaurants worldwide. The rise of the cultured meat market will be supported by the sustainability of the process, as well as the industry’s ability to provide “tailor-made nutrition” through its meat and seafood products. Recent surveys indicate that nearly 50% of the consumers do not have any reservations about cultured meat. Over the next 10 to 20 years, the cultured meat market is projected to act as a major disruptor to the conventional meat market. The number of startups focused …


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Orbillion Bio to Bring Cultivated Meats Inc Wagyu Beef to 35 European Countries

Cultivated meat startup Orbillion Bio yesterday announced a new partnership with Dutch specialty meat distributor Luiten Food to go-to-market in 35 European countries. The Silicon Valley-based cultivated meat startup is working on heritage meats such as bison, elk, lamb, and wagyu beef, claiming it will be able to achieve price parity by as early as 2026, as well as commodity pricing for beef in 2030. The startup is dedicated to democratising access to cultivated meat on an international level, with its new partnership opening 35 European markets to introduce the next generation of meat. From cell to product According to Orbillion Bio co-founder Patricia Bubner, developing a path from cell to product is the next level that cultivated meat companies must reach to achieve a marketable …


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Orbillion Declares Cultivated Meat Price Parity by 2026 Ahead of Davos Talks 

Orbillion Bio, the Silicon Valley-based cultivated meat startup, has claimed it will reach price parity by as early as 2026, as well as commodity pricing for beef in 2030. Orbilion CEO and co-founder, Patricia Bubner, will now head to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to speak about how cultivated meat can address global food insecurity. Backed by Y Combinator’s accelerator program and confident of being the first company to bring cell-cultured beef to market, Orbillion has already showcased three different cultivated meats at public tastings. The startup claims it has achieved this up to 18x faster than its rivals, proving its requisite technical expertise.  At Davos, Bubner will also share how they plan to democratize access to cell-cultured meat while meeting with government …


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How Would You Like Your Wagyu Beef? 3D-Printed, Cell-Cultured, or Plant-Based? 

Scientists from Osaka University claim to have created the world’s first 3D-printed wagyu beef in Japan this week, using bovine satellite cells and adipose-derived stem cells isolated from Wagyu cows to 3D-print a realistic steak piece containing muscle, fat, and blood vessels. Wagyu can be translated literally to “Japanese cow,” and is famous around the globe for its high content of intramuscular fat. Known as marbling or Sashi, this fat provides the beef with its distinctive flavors and texture. As Wagyu beef has become an interesting and vibrant niche in the alt meat innovation landscape, vegconomist takes a look at the biggest alt Wagyu developments to date.  Alt Wagyu – 2018 to present December, 2018: Eat Just, producer of JUST Egg, was one of the …