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Politics & Law

India’s PBFIA Calls for Plant-Based Milk Labeling Restrictions to Be Eased

Speaking at the Plant Based Foods Summit in New Delhi on May 21, India’s Plant Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA) has called for the easing of labeling restrictions that currently prevent the use of the word “milk” on plant-based product packaging. Currently, milk alternatives sold in India are required to be labeled with the disclaimer “This is not dairy”, and the use of any dairy terms on their packaging is banned. But Sanjay Sethi, Executive Director of PBFIA, urged the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to reconsider. This would not be unprecedented; in the US, the FDA released draft guidance last year stating that milk alternatives can be called “milk”, in recognition of the fact that this terminology is commonly used by …


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Market & Trends

Report Finds “Noticeable Increase” in Plant-Based Eating in India

A report by India’s Plant Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA) has found that plant-based eating is becoming increasingly common in the country. Released at this year’s Plant-Based Foods Summit, the report cites a survey which found that 67% of those who choose plant-based products are motivated by animal welfare issues. 54.1% cite environmental concerns, while 48.6% believe that plant-based foods have health benefits. The promotion of plant-based foods by celebrities and influencers is also helping to drive demand, with 8.1% of survey respondents saying they choose these foods because they are trendy. On the whole, there is said to have been a “noticeable increase” in vegan food consumption. Market challenges Meat and dairy alternatives are becoming increasingly available and affordable in India, leading more consumers …


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Fairs & Events

Discussions Take Place to Make India “World Ingredients Hub” for Plant-Based Foods

India’s potential to shape the global plant protein supply and increase trade opportunities is huge. In fact, India would be the leading source of ingredients for the world’s rapidly growing plant-based foods market under an ambitious proposal being discussed at a summit in New Delhi this week.  The 2nd Plant Based Food Summit takes place this Thursday May 25, organized by the country’s Plant Based Foods Industry Association (PBFIA) will feature keynote speakers, policymakers, and representatives from the hospitality sector and academia providing insights into the latest trends and innovations. Additionally, plant-based brands will have the opportunity to pitch to potential investors from around the globe. The summit, supported by the Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC), ProVeg International, and US Soybean Export Council, envisages India …