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Peas of Heaven Launches Frozen Pea Protein Hybrids in Collaboration With Mycorena

Peas of Heaven announces the launch of a “totally unique range of products” combining pea protein and Mycorena’s mycoprotein ingredient Promyc. Peas of Heaven is known for its fresh pea-based meat alternatives ranging from burgers meatballs, bacon, mince, and various types of sausage, which sold out within 24 hours upon the opening of the brand’s online store last spring. Mycorena is a food tech that works with fungi technology to create its mycelium-based protein Promyc. Earlier this year, the two Swedish brands developed The Converter, the first hybrid vegan sausage made using pea protein and Promyc. Following its success, the companies again joined forces to create this newly announced range of frozen products. Julia Granung, head of product development at Peas of Heaven, said: “We see …


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Sweden’s Peas of Heaven Sets Sight on European Expansion with €2.7M Seed Round

Swedish plant-based brand Peas of Heaven is heading for European expansion, fueled by a €2.7 million late seed round capital raise. The alt meat brand will use the funding to further fulfill its mission of making it easier for more people to eat less meat. Peas of Heaven has seen impressive growth in its first three years on the market, establishing itself as one of the category leaders with over 3,000 distribution points to date.  The alt-meat brand recently launched an online store to allow customers to buy its products directly, though within a day it had sold out and had to pause to allow production to catch up.  Launched in 2018, the story of Peas of Heaven began when brothers Marcus and Lucas Karlsson …


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Peas of Heaven: “We Want to Be the Coca-Cola of Plant-Based Comfort Food”

Sweden’s Peas of Heaven produces pea-based burgers, meatballs, bacon, mince, various types of sausage, and is on a mission is to “reach everyone who’s curious about plant-based food, regardless of whether it’s a one-day choice or a lifestyle.” This March, the young brand launched an online store to allow customers to purchase products online for home delivery, and promptly sold out within 24 hours. “We are very proud to have launched such an extensive product line and we have great new products coming” We were interested to speak with co-founder Lucas Karlsson about the Peas of Heaven success story so far. What is Peas of Heaven’s elevator pitch? We make comfort food delicious, at the same price, but healthier for you and the planet. How …