CEO's Linda Obregon and Karina Zegarra of Peruvian Veef

Linda Obregon and Karina Zegarra © Peruvian Veef


Peruvian Veef Secures $320K in First Funding Round, Aims for Latin American Expansion

Peruvian Veef, a plant-based food startup in South America, has raised $320,000 in its first funding round, led by US-based venture capital investors. This round included contributions from Ahimsa Foundation and Sustainable Food Ventures, along with a non-dilutive government grant from ProInnovate Peru. Founded by Karina Zegarra, with a focus on affordable, locally-made plant-based meat alternatives, the company has developed a range of 11 products inspired by Latin American cuisine, including beef, chicken, cold-cuts, and traditional Peruvian dishes like anticucho and grilled chicken. According to the company, these products are competitively priced at less than half of some imported alternatives. The company has established a significant presence in the local market, with its products available in over 70 stores and leading sales at Peru’s specialty …


Peruvian Veef anticuchos

© Peruvian Veef

Company News

Peruvian Veef Targets $400K in Pre-Seed Funding to Lead Peru’s Alt-Protein Market

Lima-based Peruvian Veef was founded during the pandemic in 2020 with a mission to develop plant-based meat with Peruvian flavors, meat-like textures, and high nutritional value. The company has successfully launched 12 products so far, including vegan nuggets, plant-based anticuchos (grilled skewers), and four different burger options: the Chicken Vurger, Crispy Chicken Vurger, Meat Vurger, and Real Vurger. While the majority of the company’s products are made using soy and/or wheat, the Real Vurger is pea-based, providing an option to celiacs and those allergic to soy. Peruvian Veef has a strong retail presence in Peru with more than 60 points of sale, including Acari Foods, The Plant Based Factory, Naturlandia, Chimbote, and more. Linda Obregon, the CSO of Peruvian Veef, also cited recently secured contacts …